Achieve Services, Inc.,



Achieve Services, Inc., a training and habilitation organization serving adults with developmental disabilities, had two needs: optimize its leadership structure for efficiency and growth, and determine future funding sources and scope of services given the reduction in state government support.

Catalyst Solution:

Catalyst believes that vision and mission must drive all organizational change efforts. Thus, we began this project by clarifying Achieve’s vision, mission, and strategies for future growth. We conducted surveys, interviews, and focus groups with board members and senior leadership to analyze the organization’s primary purpose, long-term and short-term goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This organizational assessment provided insight into the leadership skills, abilities, and structure needed for the future.

Next, our experts analyzed the eight top leadership jobs through structured interviews, surveys, and benchmarking against industry standards. The analysis showed that many of the leaders were juggling a variety of unrelated job functions that they had acquired piecemeal over the years, which caused inefficiencies, redundancies, and excessive workload for some leaders. We also identified gaps in skills critical for future growth, including strategic planning, marketing, management, and financial planning.


Catalyst’s recommended changes to the management positions and organization structure improved leaders’ efficiency, focus, and morale. Our report of skill gaps provided a roadmap for training and development of current staff and for recruiting new staff. Our recommended improvements to communications and strategic planning processes enhanced team effectiveness.


“As an incoming CEO, I found Catalyst’s work to be extremely helpful. Their report clearly identified the organizational challenges and opportunities, made practical recommendations, and enabled me to really hit the ground running.” Thomas H. Weaver CEO, Achieve Services Inc.

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