Coaching and Leadership Development

Through individual or group coaching, Catalyst helps everyone from executives and program directors to business owners and entrepreneurs turn great ideas into tangible results and helps launch them with confidence.

Our focus on results keeps our coaching strategies practical and aimed at your individual and/or organizational goals.

Here’s how we work:

  • Coach only on subject matter we know inside and out
  • Create a coaching plan with a focus on results
  • Use practical strategies linked to performance goals
  • Listen deeply to discern root causes of personal barriers and address them
  • Tap into client’s inherent wisdom
  • Capitalize and build on strengths
  • Use StrengthsFinder, DiSC Inventory, MBTI, and Catalyst-developed tools
  • Measure outcomes to ensure the plan continues to engender success

Call us if you are an executive, program director, business owners, or leader to grow and excel and launch those great ideas with confidence.


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