Curriculum Development

Catalyst develops curriculum and educational programming for a wide variety of institutions and settings.

Our experts have created classroom lesson plans aligned with learning standards, workshops units for educational conferences,  teen self-esteem and body image, environmental education, job readiness for youth and adults, middle school peace studies curriculum, non-credit university courses, among many others. We also develop train-the-trainer courses and other teacher education classes and coach educational program leader in curriculum development.

Since we are expert instructional designers and we understand how adults and children learn, we can take any subject matter and produce meaningful and valuable learning materials and experiences with a myriad of technologies.  

Our consultants design and develop:

  • Online learning
  • Teacher-led classes for kindergarten through college-level
  • Academic lesson plans aligned with learning standards
  • All support materials for instructors, students, parents, volunteers, and other leaders
  • Educational videos
  • Workshops, after-school activities, camp sessions, and other fun environments
  • Single delivery methods or “blended” learning program.

 Project Examples

Youth Education:

New Moon Magazine for Girls:

The editor and publisher of New Moon Magazine wanted to know if extension activity guides would be a better potential new market than a website. They needed a prototype extensions guide to make a decision. Catalyst designed and developed activity guides with topic background information, instructional events, and homework assignments for use by schoolteachers and after-school activity leaders that work with girls aged 9-14.  

PeaceJam International:

Catalyst developed an eight-unit companion curriculum that focused on Minnesota history and cultures for the existing PeaceJam International Middle School Curriculum that is based on the work of 12 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. The curriculum contained readings, activities, discussion questions, resources, field trip information, and assessments. This curriculum is used as a model for other states. 

Loring-Nicollet High School:

Catalyst designed and facilitated courses for teen women on body image. Our curriculum experts developed workshops with discussions, small group activities, drawing, guided imagery, and journal writing.

University & Adult Education:

University of Minnesota/Volunteers of America:

Our consultants designed and edited leader and student materials for an eight-session, non-credit course for professionals, advocates, and individuals interested in developing leadership among retired persons called the “Leadership Advocacy for Vital Aging Program.”

Ethics and Vocation Conference:

Catalyst created materials and activities for a segment of the Ethics and Vocation Conference called “Developing Your Life’s Work: A Work in Progress.” Then, Catalyst presented and facilitated the group activities for the program.

Learning Annex:

Catalyst developed and taught the course “Using Storytelling to Overcome Speaking Phobia,” a 2-hour course focused on public speaking. Our curriculum experts created exercises and props then provided feedback and coaching to Learning Annex staff members.


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