Team Performance

Many factors come into play when people work together to achieve a common purpose. 

Catalyst uses a variety of strategies and tools to help your staff grow and excel as a team to achieve goals and complete assignments.

We find Strengths Finder, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC, and Learning Style Inventory (LSI) extremely helpful to understand and help groups attain higher functioning. We also use traditional and creative information gathering strategies.

After a careful assessment of your team’s challenges, we develop work sessions, coaching, workshops, or trainings to improve team effectiveness that target real identified needs and respect your organizational culture.

 To improve team effectiveness and performance, we:

  • Help teams develop group goals and member roles, responsibilities, and accountability. 
  • Enhance how work gets done and flows from team member to team member.
  • Refresh and develop communication skills like active listening and conflict management. 
  • Develop time management tools to meet team deadlines and deliver quality work.
  • Improve the value of meetings and other group processes.
  • Build work satisfaction, a sense of belonging, and a healthy work environment.

Project Example


The America’s Byways Resource Center was funded by the Federal Highways Administration, yet administered by the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission. Due to this relationship, the Federal Highway Administration wanted to optimize the way information was shared and communicated among the three entities.

Catalyst Solution:

Catalyst assessed communication and team effectiveness among the three entities through document review and individual interviews with staff and leaders. We shared results in a group setting to model effective communication techniques while validating findings and identifying priority issues. Then we facilitated action planning to engage team members in improving communications.


The three entities were excited to begin to implement the action plan, which contained fun, engaging, and productive suggestions for improving communications. The Resource Center had the tools to conduct more effective team meetings and new ways to share information that improve the work of others and built trust and a sense of belonging among colleagues.

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