Workplace Performance

Allow Catalyst to partner with you to identify workplace challenges. Together we can turn things around by capitalizing on your strengths. Our solutions always link back to your mission, goals, and strategic priorities so that you know they will help your organization grow and excel.

Catalyst considers workplace performance challenges at the organizational, departmental, or individual levels from a systems perspective. Causes may seem clear-cut, but more often they have multiple and elusive origins that only a close analysis can bring to light. That’s why we not only look at the areas of your organization in question, but also at how these areas affect each other and their impact on your entire organizational system.

Depending on the goals of your project, our consultants may:

  • Assess the structure and composition of your jobs, teams, and departments.
  • Examine how your staff receives performance feedback from managers and co-workers.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of meetings and how they are conducted.
  • Assess how staff share information, responsibility, and authority.
  • Study how your culture promotes innovation
  • Install continuous improvement systems
  • Determine your organization’s readiness for change and devise strategies to instill buy-in and enthusiasm for the workplace improvements that need to come.

Call us to start improving your workplace performance.

Workplace Performance Services:

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