Principles of Practice

Five principles of practice guide the action plans, day-to-day tasks, methods and processes, and work outcomes for all Catalyst consultants, projects, and deliverables. 

Collaboration: The success of organizational development efforts rely on participation and buy-in of stakeholders, whenever possible.  We encourage the formation of an Advisory Team comprised of client stakeholder to help guide project process, decisions, and outcomes. When respectful collaboration underlies project processes, favorable outcomes, including improved morale, productivity, and organizational capacity are more likely to occur. 


Goal-Driven: Any great plan is based on realistic and clear goals and objectives. At the beginning of your project, we identify project outcomes that support your business goals, mission, and strategic objectives. We are committed to creating goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.


Systems Viewpoint: Whether you have called us to develop or evaluate and educational program, develop training, or conduct an organizational assessment, we take a systems perspective; that is, we ask, how is what we are creating or doing affecting the organization as a whole, the people within, and their daily processes? Does this project inform how our clients can make improvements for the better? 


Data-Driven: Data provides proof and evidence and Catalyst makes all of our judgments, recommendations, and decisions need evidence on valid and reliable data. Our consultants draw conclusions from empirical evidence gained from both quantitative and qualitative data gathering methods. We consider hunches and insights and investigate them to ensure they have a logical basis. We conduct both formative evaluations, the testing of tools as we “form” our deliverables, and summative evaluations that occur after all data is collected. Data drive our work.


Continuous Improvement: We are committed to creating best work practices for our clients no matter what they have called upon us to develop, create, or improve. We believe that room for growth and enhancement is constant because change is constant. We help our clients instill change management practices that capitalize on innovation and the creative nature of their workforce. Also, while we work with clients, Catalyst keeps records of project milestones, processes, and deliverables and leaves clients with this documentation of the project and associated tools to help them succeed if similar challenges arise. We strive to build skills so that our clients are better equipped to address similar performance challenges in the future. 

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