Nancy Weiss now serving Minneapolis Swims as strategy coach

Nancy Weiss of Catalyst is now a strategy coach for Minneapolis Swims, a nonprofit dedicated to bring swimming to children living in inner-city Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Swims is located in the Phillips Neighborhood which is the most economically challenged and racially diverse neighborhood in the city.  The population includes a large number of Native American, African American, Hispanics, and Somalis. Native Americans have the highest drowning rate in the country followed closely by African Americans. And of the 8,000 competitive swimmers in Minnesota, only two are Native American. The main reason for this disparity is economic. Poor neighborhoods lack access to public swimming facilities and families lack the money to pay for swimming lessons. In Minneapolis, the “City of Lakes,” Minneapolis Swims is working to change the fact that impoverished inner-city children lack the opportunity to learn to swim – a skill that could save their life.


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