Catalyst works with nonprofits, public sector agencies, and private companies. We draw from our experience of over 120 successful projects. We are deep listeners and culturally competent and have worked with diverse teams and communities in the Midwest, across the U.S., and in other countries.

Call us to improve your organization’s performance, just as over 90 satisfied clients have done so far.

Catalyst Consulting Group team members are experienced with nonprofit agencies of all sizes. We understand how nonprofits operate and how to tailor our services to further their missions and strategic goals. Catalyst is an associate member of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. View Nonprofit Clients

Public Sector Agencies
Catalyst has extensive experience working in federal, state, and local levels of government, and with other public sector clients, like universities and other educational institutions. We understand government contracting requirements, such as restrictions on spending and levels of review and approval. We value the adherence to statutes, rules, and regulations.

Catalyst is certified with the State of Minnesota and the federal government as a woman-owned business. View Public Sector Clients

Catalyst works with all businesses from large corporations to mid-sized companies and one-person operations–any business that wants to grow and excel. The industries of our clients range from manufacturing, financial services, IT, professional services, retail, and consulting services, among others. We are active members of local business organizations. View Business Clients


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