Organizational Solutions


Assessing the“current state” helps organizations grow and excel by identifying and removing performance gaps within the work of departments, teams, individual positions, or board members. We help you understand the impact performance gaps have on your organization’s overall success.  

We create action plans that address your priorities in an order that builds on successes and achieves the most far-reaching outcomes for your dollars. Our solutions and work processes always use your mission and goals as our compass so that the final results of our project promote your strategic priorities.

After a thorough analysis identifies areas of organizational vulnerability, our experts begin to improve your effectiveness and efficiency through a variety of tailored solutions or “interventions.” These may include, but are not limited to:

  • job or work redesigns
  • revisions to organization charts
  • improved ways to use, store, or share “institutional knowledge” 
  • team effectiveness enhancements
  • custom training
  • individualized leadership development coaching


Projects follow the unique Catalyst Organization Solutions Processes as described below:


Catalyst Organizational Solutions Process


Workplace performance problems often stem from a misalignment between the goals of an organization and how jobs and tasks within it are designed executed. When unmonitored, jobs often grow “organically” over time as staff members take on job responsibilities at a point of need. These added job duties, if not carefully considered and defined, can result in unnecessary stress that is counterproductive to the best interests of the individual, team, department, and the organization as a whole.

A systems viewpoint says that every change in a single job affects another job or area of work. Multiple misaligned jobs within a department may cause inefficiencies, poor performance, or low morale. Catalyst helps you right your ship and work smarter through improved organizational structure, job, and work redesign. discover more….


Is your staff frustrated because they can’t find the information they need to do their jobs? Are bits and pieces of information are scattered everywhere? Do you need policy and procedure manuals to standardize procedures that are currently performed differently by everyone?

You may need a “knowledge base,” an information storage and retrieval system that your staff can easily use to develop, maintain, and share information. Knowledge management enhances workplace performance by allowing employees, teams, departments, and other stakeholders to capitalize on institutional knowledge when they need it and in formats that facilitate easy use and application.

Catalyst documents your institutional knowledge and turns it into a knowledge base for various audiences within your organization. We write, structure, and deliver it for your specific purposes. When staff members have fast access to useful, accurate, and updated information, entire organizations run more efficiently. discover more…


Many factors come into play when people work together to achieve a purpose. Catalyst consultants use a variety of organizational strategies and tools to help your staff grow and excel as a team as they work to achieve common goals. After a careful assessment of your team’s challenges, we develop targeted work sessions, coaching, workshops, or trainings to improve team effectiveness. discover more…


By investing in training for your most important asset—your people–you build your organization’s capacity and competencies. Call on Catalyst to create programs tailored to your specific business goals, like training on a new software system, time management tools for a geographically dispersed team, or a way to help your managers think and act more strategically.

Our trainings utilize technology that best match your audience, learning and performance goals, culture, and budget. They range from self-study, web-based training to instructor-led workshops and training videos, and from blended learning solutions to on-the-job mentoring preparation. Our trainings foster a more productive and happier workplace because they meet real performance needs.  discover more….


A person who provides a good sounding board listens deeply and expands great ideas. Catalyst goes a few steps further by helping turn great ideas into tangible results. Catalyst offers individualized coaching to help our clients, from executives and program directors to business owners and entrepreneurs, grow and excel in their desired area of competency and launch those great ideas with confidence.  discover more….

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