Coaching and Leadership Development

When someone listens deeply and helps you expand your great ideas, you would call them a good sounding board. Catalyst helps turn great ideas into tangible results through individualized coaching in all of our services.

As an example of our commitment to helping others build their capacity and grow and excel, we started a Think Tank for entrepreneurs and owners of small consulting firms. This is co-coaching in action.

Call us if you are an executive, program director, business owners, or leader to grow and excel and launch those great ideas with confidence.

Here’s how we work:

  • Coach only on subject matter we know inside and out
  • Create a coaching plan with a focus on results 
  • Use practical strategies linked to performance goals
  • Listen deeply to discern root causes of personal barriers 
  • Tap into client’s inherent wisdom
  • Capitalize and build on strengths 
  • Use StrengthsFinder, DiSC Inventory, MBTI, and Catalyst-developed tools
  • Measure outcomes to ensure the plan continues to engender success



After many years as a change leadership and evaluation executive working mainly in the corporate sector, Claudia VonDrak wished to offer her expertise as a consultant to a wider breadth of organizations. She sought one-on-one coaching to make this a reality and hired Nancy Weiss, Catalyst’s principal, whom she had met on a prior project.

Catalyst Solution:

Claudia and Nancy began this venture through brainstorming sessions that helped Claudia think through her ideals and dreams for her new company. After this initial visioning stage, the two developed a foundational document that included a company mission statement and a description of how the new company was unique among its competitors. The two then developed explanations of each of Claudia’s services using easy-to-repurpose language for use on her new website, marketing presentations, or correspondence. Nancy also helped Claudia choose her company name and provided feedback on a new logo.


Claudia is well on her way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and independent consultant. Shortly after beginning coaching with Nancy, Claudia signed up her first client as principal of the PathBuilder Group, her new company.


“I needed the expertise and go-power that Nancy generates to jump-start my new business planning process. Nancy served as my coach, mentor and thought partner in the formation of my new company and its direction.” Claudia VonDrak, President, The PathBuilder Group

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