Job Aids and Documentation

Is your staff frustrated because they can’t find the information they need right now?  

Do staff create procedures for themselves that others could benefit from?

If you answered YES, Catalyst can help you create a “knowledge base,” an easy-to-access information storage and retrieval system that your staff can easily use to share information. When staff members have fast access to useful, accurate, and updated information, entire organizations run more efficiently.

Knowledge management enhances workplace performance by allowing employees, teams, departments, and other stakeholders to capitalize on institutional knowledge when they need it and in formats that facilitate easy use and application.

Catalyst documents your institutional knowledge and turns it into communications for various audiences within or external to your organization. 

Information Design and Documentation Products:

  • Online knowledge base of your organization’s institutional knowledge
  • Policy and procedures to standardize common tasks
  • On-boarding and orientation guides
  • Employee handbooks
  • Performance-based job aids or “cheat sheets”
  • Volunteer manuals
  • How-to software user guides 
  • Capture of retiring staff undocumented institutional knowledge before it walks out the door

Project Example


The Evangelical Church in America Board of Pensions (ELCABOP) needed various user guides written for new or updated software applications and for users with varied degrees of experience. The topics ranged from customer relationship management and document and knowledge management to help desk procedures, telephone applications, internal website updates, and many others. Some procedures were complex and performed daily, while others required only a few steps and were performed once every few months.

Catalyst Solution:

Catalyst developed documentation plans that served as a project charter and delineated and clarified the documents’ scope, contents, barriers, and limitations. The plans also included deadline schedules, roles and responsibilities of all client participants and those of the consultant timelines, and other management issues in order to clarify expectations and stay on budget and on time. We created or modified templates for procedure guides, quick reference cards, flowcharts and other deliverables, and contributed to style guides and writing.


Because ELCABOP needed solutions that worked for a variety of audience groups with varied degrees of experience, our documentation included detailed steps as well as procedural highlights. Solutions for rarely executed but essential procedures were available both online and in easily accessible laminated hardcopies for use when traveling. Our manuals and quick reference guides resulted in fast execution of procedures.


Web Manager for ELCABOP Gayle Haugen had this to say about Catalyst’s work:

“I have hired Nancy on several occasions to create user guides, process flows and process documentation. Nancy is energetic and focused on projects. She adapts to her environment and learns systems quickly. Nancy always meets goals and deadlines, and she is excellent at communicating progress.”

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