Organization Structure

Workplace performance problems often stem from a misalignment between the goals of an organization and how jobs interrelate and tasks are designed and executed.

When unmonitored, job responsibilities can grow over time as staff take on tasks at a point of need, which may result in unnecessary stress that is counterproductive to the best interests of the individual, team, department, and entire organization. Multiple misaligned jobs within a department can cause inefficiencies, poor performance, and low morale.

Call Catalyst to start working smarter.  Get your organizational structure and jobs and work aligned with your business goals and mission. 

An organization redesign may result in the following deliverables for both the current and ideal state of work:

  • New organization charts
  • New job descriptions
  • Competency maps linking duties with experience, skills, aptitudes, etc.
  • Charts illustrating workflow
  • Recommendations to reassign tasks to other departments 
  • Lists of suggested outsourced functions
  • Training and learning needs 
  • Other recommendations

Project Example


“As an incoming CEO, I found Catalyst’s work to be extremely helpful. Their report clearly identified the organizational challenges and opportunities, made practical recommendations, and enabled me to really hit the ground running.” Thomas H. Weaver CEO, Achieve Services Inc.


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