Technology Audits

Catalyst and partner Emma Lloyd of Bytes and Bites, now offer technology audits to assist organizations in making the right hardware and software choices to grow their business and advance their mission.

“Free people to do mind work. Use your systems to do mind-less work.”

Technology is like the soil within your workplace ecosystem.  It needs proper attention to enable your organization to thrive. When your technology ecosystem is in balance, the well-being of your employees and their capability for action multiplies.

A technology audit describes your current state of technology usage and creates a benchmark from which to improve. An audit allows you to choose better technology to fulfill your requirements, tasks, and mission, and addresses related organizational effectiveness concerns. You can use the audit to work better, smarter, and have a higher return for your efforts.

A typical audit includes a four-phase process:

1. Clarification of Needs and Goals

2. Current State Technology Review

3. Analysis and Recommendation

4. Education and Choices

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