Training and Capacity Building

By investing in training for your most important asset—your people–you also build your organization’s capacity and competencies.

Call on Catalyst to create programs tailored to your specific business goals, for example, software training on a new system, time management tools for a dispersed team, or a workshop to help your managers think and act more strategically. We are experts in adult learning.

Our trainings utilize technology that best match your audience, learning and performance goals, culture, and budget. Our trainings foster a more productive and happier workplace because they meet real performance needs. 

Training and Learning products:

  • Web-based training – tutorials, apps, information, education, tests
  • Distance learning
  • Instructor-led workshops
  • Training videos
  • On-the-job programs and one-on-one coaching
  • Blended learning solutions

Project Examples

Software Training


LaborKey, Inc., a small start-up company that develops applications to help labor organizations mobilize their members, wanted to train new clients in a very cost-effective manner. They also wanted to allow potential buyers to see highlights of their software via their website. They needed solutions fast to address the growing demand for training and marketing.

Catalyst Solution:

Catalyst developed a low-cost training solution comprised of a self-guided training manual complete with task-oriented procedures and screen shots to be used with a training domain within the live system. Both the manual and training domain were launched from the LaborKey website. We also suggested that they evaluate the cost-effectiveness and return-on-investment of a full scale web-based training,; after they agreed, we created a prototype for decision makers. Last, we created an executable overview presentation of the software for potential buyers illustrating its most common uses, benefits, and reports.


LaborKey’s two staff members could now spend more time conducting research and development and other highly important tasks related to growing their business. They were able to reduce their one-on-one help-desk work with new clients through the new training solution. They were also able to reduce wasted time presenting to potential clients who were no longer interested in the product after seeing the executable presentation.

Soft Skills Training


The 12-member staff of AccountAbility Minnesota, a nonprofit providing tax services to low-income Minnesotans, had expressed to their managers that they were overwhelmed by their workloads, particularly during tax season. The program director and executive director felt that a training on time management might alleviate some of the distress, help staff members work more efficiently, and prioritize their workloads. The directors also indicated that supervisors may need to gain additional skills to help their staff stay on focus.

Catalyst Solution:

Catalyst assessed the directors’ concern of time management by surveying all staff members about their daily, weekly, and longer-term use of time and their assumptions regarding work priorities. After discerning that the staff would benefit from the implementation of a time management tool and system that could be coordinated among teams, Catalyst tailored one of our time management workshops exclusively for AccountAbility’s needs. We used engaging techniques to facilitate this three-hour interactive session, which used scenarios directly derived from the assessment survey to ensure that the training was relevant to their needs.


The staff members continued to use the new time management system through tax season to help accomplish their workloads. They were able to used time more efficiently, which resulted in less stress and more productivity.


“You’ll be happy to hear that we are all …using our weekly time management worksheets and finding them very helpful. Thanks for the great tools and tips.” Tracy Fischman, Executive Director
AccountAbility Minnesota

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