Organizational Strategy and Planning

Strategic planning comes in many forms–from clarifying an organization’s mission to modernizing business and operational models. Catalyst has assisted nonprofits, small companies, and even international organizations in a wide variety of strategic initiatives.

Organizational Strategy and Planning services:

  • Strategic plans
  • Mission statement, vision, value development
  • Business remodeling
  • Community needs assessments
  • Growth and sustainability assessments
  • Time management strategy
  • Collaboration agreements


Positioning ClearCause Foundation to Fulfill its Mission

Situation: ClearCause Foundation provides tools and information for students and parents of students traveling abroad. They also advocate for students at both the state and national levels in an attempt to improve their safety while abroad. ClearCause needed help developing a hiring plan for the next year so that they could meet their goals and mission. They had a variety of unmet staffing needs and felt that hiring more staff would help to fill these positions as well as improve productivity and allow for future growth.
Catalyst Solution: Catalyst met with members of the ClearCause Foundation to assess their current state, needs, and hopes and dreams for the future. Catalyst then sent a proposal suggesting development of an organizational chart that would incorporate volunteers, board members, and paid staff as well as high level job descriptions that would address ClearCause’s future needs.Catalyst proceeded by surveying current paid and unpaid personnel to capture information about their positions and about the ideal future for ClearCause. This information was then used to create a list of job functions that were later combined to create six Full Time Equivalent positions. Catalyst also created a future organizational chart that mapped out these positions and their corresponding job functions, and a table that outlined goals for the future state of ClearCause.
Results: ClearCause now has a variety of tools and information to help them reach their future goals and allow for growth within their organization. The six position descriptions allow ClearCause to hire the right people to fulfill mission.


“You are a ‘catalyst’ in our strategic planning efforts. We are building a business plan around your mind gems.” Sheryl Hill, Founder of ClearCause Foundation

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